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the real challence for the explorers is getting out of the Cave of Swallows? The cone shape makes it to climb up.

Extreme sports and fun


If you are the sporty kind, this cave can surely quench your thirst of adventure. Be it climbing, rappelling or base jumping, you get it all here. Abseiling to the base of the cave takes around 20 minutes while climbing out of the cave can take as long as two hours depending on your stamina. Freefalling to the base from the opening takes around 10 seconds and so, if you want to feel 10 seconds of ultimate freedom, you must come here. Now, have you heard of vertical caving? Well, this indeed is a different concept but not new. Spelunking in the vertical rather than horizontal depths of caves gives you greater sense of thrill and adventure. Walking or crawling into and out of horizontal caves is nowadays a child's job, thanks to all the professional adventure sports organizers. But trying out vertical spelunking requires not only great security but also guts. Cave of Swallows is one place which is famous for these kinds of extreme sports.

People from all around the globe target the Sótano de las Golondrinas for a wild and exciting experience they can never afford to forget. If you also want to add some unforgettable moments to your memory then you should plan out a vacation to this place. You can come for an excursion with your college buddies or colleagues or even for a family vacation, provided your family is an adventurous one. And even if it is not, the unique flying of the white-collared swifts or vencejos and the green parakeets or periquillo quila is truly worth a watch. You simply do not need to worry about the safety factor. With the advent of tourism in this area, many extreme sports organizers have taken the initiative to provide 24X7 services. You can either book then online or over the phone before reaching the place or simply hire them on spot after reaching the place. The choice is yours.

Mexico has always been a favorite among tourists due to its wonderful scenic beauty and culinary excellence. So, needless to mention, you have plenty of high-toned restaurants and sight-seeing areas. There is absolutely no chance you won't enjoy here. Just book your tickets, grab the bag and get going.