Did you know that

the Eiffel Tower totally fits in the Cave of Swallows?

The real history behind the name "Cave of Swallows"


Many years ago, the dwellers of this area noticed a very unique and interesting phenomenon still happens daily in this cave. Every morning, flocks of swifts or "swallows", as the natives call them, fly up the cave in circles till they reach the mouth and fill the zone of nothingness, i.e. the sky. A similar but even more interesting phenomenon takes place when these birds come back to this cave after sunset. A huge flock circles the opening of this cave and about fifty swifts per minute separate out to descend straight towards the mouth, withdraw their wings at the mouth to fall free through the depth and then on reaching the level of their nests open their wings to comfortable perch on them. This sight amuses not only the traditional birdwatchers but also random tourists who wish to check out some natural entertainment. Other than the swifts, you can get to see a very different kind of cave parrots, locally known as Cotorras de la Cueva. Due to this huge tourist attracting capacity, many tourist resorts, hotels and restaurants have been built around this cave region.